Nik Leuthold

Illustration-Graphic Design-Animation

New illustrations for an animation I want to get made.

Semester 1 NMIT submissions

The first semester of my bachelor of illustration at NMIT came to an end last week, here are the results.

Character Design: Antony the Anteater

The sculptures made of second hand materials: a funnel, football, very small shoes, doll arms, wine horn and a toy saxophone.

With this I developed some character design for a possible future animation. 

More to come :-)


Hello, I’m Nik, I’m from Melbourne, Australia.  I’m currently an Illustration student, but I have previous studies in Graphic Design and Visual Arts. At the moment this blog will be a showcase of my current work. Maybe in the future I’ll dabble in writing about philosophy, politics and my own ignorant perspective of art, but it’s unlikely. To start off, here is a crazy man with a long neck holding the Australian flag, enjoy!

Angry Australian Man